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I'm sorry but the direction you guys have taken this game is wrong, what happened to the real people, the stories? why women with claws? it looks like a hero shooter, I can honestly say your fan base will not like this.

I've been a fan of all the battlefields since the beginning, I started pc gaming with 43. I can't support this game any longer, and that's really sad I always felt BF was the best but I've been let down.
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Battlefield V is going to have a story mode. It doesn't look like a hero shooter, it looks like Battlefield mini-Bad Company from what I see. It sounds like a hero shooter, but that's to be expected because Overwatch got popular. So did Battle Royale games.


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Is it the hero shooter thing? The woman thing? It seems like they're going with real people and real stories, but this is also a video game. Maybe there is some truth behind this women with a claw.

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